James Hunt's Best Friend

James Hunt's Best Friend

James Hunt was a rockstar through and through, he was great in a car, and he was a superstar out of it. He was a ladies man, but also a family man and not only that: he had a dog that went with him almost everywhere and had special privileges that few people around him had.

The beloved dog's name was Oscar, and he was a German Shepherd. He was Hunt's companion in his runs by the sea at his house in Marbella, Spain, where they also played fetch while enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol. While they stayed there, Hunt would pay all of the expenses of Oscar's veterinarian, so he could stay at the villa and check his cherished pet.



According to John Richardson, James' relationship with his canine partner "seemed far closer than any human relationship he ever had. He was completely devoted to that dog."

The hound also accompanied the British driver to dine in the fancy restaurants at London's west end. At one time, he caught the attention of quite a few people when he shared a menu of spinach soufflé, entrecôte de veau and cassis sorbet with his master at Langan's Brassérie (a high society café in Mayfair).

In the subject of elegant activities, Hunt also trained his animal friend to sort of play golf with him at the Aloha Golf Club. The dog watched the driver and company tee off and quickly ran to find all the balls in the order they were hit. He then would stay near each one until its owner played again and so on. Thanks to Oscar, James used to say that he saved a fortune because he would find even the drives that fell astray.

The Spanish golf club later banned all dogs from its courses, but in the circular they issued, they made an exception for Oscar. The club stated that Hunt's companion was often better behaved than some members. –And they say that dogs tend to act like their owners, how about this one, huh?–

Lastly, Oscar was the inspiration for the name that Hunt gave his nightclub at Marbella. He bought the club after his F1 retirement and decided to call it Oscar's to honour his best friend. The club's inauguration guest list included Sean Connery, Rod Stewart, Countess Gunilla Von Bismarck and Dai Llewellyn, according to Maurice Boland, who bought the place a few years later.


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