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About James Hunt

James Simon Wallis Hunt was born on the 29th of August in the year 1947 in Belmont, England and died on June 15th, 1993 in Wimbledon, England. He was a Formula 1 Champion and rockstar, known for having an extravagant lifestyle until he suffered a heart attack when he was aged 45.

After spending his youngster years in several junior racing categories and progressing trough formula 3, he caught the eye of Hesketh Racing team with whom he started a six-year career at the Formula One. Hunt gave them their famous only win in 1975 at the Dutch GP before moving to McLaren in '76.

He became a World Champion on his first year with McLaren, beating a heavily injured Niki Lauda by one point in Suzuka. He gave the race of his life in the worst possible weather conditions and overcame a tyre problem to get to the third place and win enough points to get his title, while the Austrian decided to abandon the race because it was not safe.

He remained with the team for two more seasons, but they weren't successful. He decided to race for Wolf instead in 1979, but he retired from driving halfway through the season after several races in which he had failed to get to the finish line.

However, he didn't leave Formula One altogether. He continued as a commentator for the BBC, where he continued to be very controversial. Despite being known for having a weakness towards women and being a party animal (even after death), he also was a loving father of two children and a devoted owner of a German Shepherd named Oscar.

The Stories

James Hunt's Best Friend

In the later years, Hunt was devoted to a very special partner.

James Hunt was a rockstar through and through, he was great in a car, and he was a superstar out of it. He was a ladies man, but also a family man and not only that: he had a dog that went with him almost everywhere and had special privileges that few people around him had.

The beloved dog's name was Oscar, and he was a German Shepherd. He was Hunt's companion in his runs by the sea at his house in Marbella, Spain, where they also played fetch while enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol. While they stayed there, Hunt would pay all of the expenses of Oscar's veterinarian, so he could stay at the villa and check his cherished pet.

According to John Richardson, James' relationship with his canine partner "seemed far closer than any human relationship he ever had. He was completely devoted to that dog."

The hound also accompanied the British driver to dine in the fancy restaurants at London's west end. At one time, he caught the attention of quite a few people when he shared a menu of spinach soufflé, entrecôte de veau and cassis sorbet with his master at Langan's Brassérie (a high society café in Mayfair).

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1977 Dutch GP: One of the fiercest McLaren battles ever, featuring F1 Champion James Hunt

Andretti and Hunt gave the audience an epic show in The Netherlands.

The 1977 Formula One season was not the best for the reigning 1976 World Champion James Hunt. After retiring in his first race, he achieved a second place in Brazil, but he couldn't get regular podium spots. In fact, he didn't win until the 10th race in Silverstone, and despite all the problems that the McLaren M23 and M26 gave him, he was fast, and he gave the people what they wanted to see.

The season was full of retirements for Hunt, he abandoned in Argentina, Spain, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italia and Canada. He had a lot of problems with the new McLaren M26, but in the final part of the season, he was the fastest driver there was, only challenged by Mario Andretti and it was precisely him, who gave him hell.

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Racing hard, partying harder: James Hunt, the 33 British Airways stewardesses and the World Championship

James Hunt managed to become F1 Champion after two weeks of party frenzy.

James Hunt was a superstar, and he behaved like one. The Brit didn't care for rules, he just wanted to do what he loved doing, and he did it so… in many different ways. To quote Mario Andretti: "He just didn't give a damn. He was just as loose as he could be".

Hunt loved 3 things in his life: racing, women and partying. And that's exactly how he prepared for the race of his life in Japan, where he had to fight no other than the legend of Niki Lauda for the Championship. He spent the two weeks prior to the race with the 1976 World Motorcycle Champion Barry Sheene, partying all day with alcohol, cannabis and other drugs (as his own son Freddie said on an interview).

But that's not all, they stayed at the Tokyo Hilton, where every day new British Airways stewardesses arrived, so Hunt would go and meet them after their check-in to invite them for a party to his suite. That's how he and his good friend ended up having sex with nearly all of them.

The British driver had such an appetite for sexual intercourse, he actually slept with over 5,000 women in his life, and his body could take it quite well. At least until the next race, when he had the ritual of vomiting minutes before jumping into his F1 car because of a mix between racing nerves and his outrageous lifestyle.

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