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To all of our friends in the media and the Formula 1 world,

We are very excited to announce the launch of the official James Hunt website and online shop, where all the fans can go to remember some of this legend's best moments, know more about him and also purchase official merchandise.

James Simon Wallis Hunt was born on August 29th in the year 1947 in Belmont, England and died on June 15th, 1993 in Wimbledon, England. He was a Formula 1 Champion and rockstar, known for having an extravagant lifestyle until he suffered a heart attack when he was aged 45.

It's been almost 26 years since he left us, and we remember him fondly, but it's also been 46 years since his debut in Monaco on June 3rd, 1973 with Hesketh Racing team. That's not all, because June is definitely Hunt's month. He also won his first Grand Prix on this month (22nd), and he also retired on the 8th.

As you can see, we have a lot to commemorate about Hunt 'the Shunt', the Champion, the superstar and the loving father. Wherever he is, he changed the world, he won a piece of our hearts and we will always remember him.

Therefore, we would kindly like to invite you to check out this new place to honour his memory, his achievements and the mark he left in all of us and the history of this amazing sport; it will be our honour to entertain you all and serve you in his behalf.

Best regards,

The official James Hunt website team.

About James Hunt

James Simon Wallis Hunt was born on the 29th of August in the year 1947 in Belmont, England and died on June 15th, 1993 in Wimbledon, England. He was a Formula 1 Champion and rockstar, known for having an extravagant lifestyle until he suffered a heart attack when he was aged 45.

After spending his youngster years in several junior racing categories and progressing trough formula 3, he caught the eye of Hesketh Racing team with whom he started a six-year career at the Formula One. Hunt gave them their famous only win in 1975 at the Dutch GP before moving to McLaren in '76.

He became a World Champion on his first year with McLaren, beating a heavily injured Niki Lauda by one point in Suzuka. He gave the race of his life in the worst possible weather conditions and overcame a tyre problem to get to the third place and win enough points to get his title, while the Austrian decided to abandon the race because it was not safe.

He remained with the team for two more seasons, but they weren't successful. He decided to race for Wolf instead in 1979, but he retired from driving halfway through the season after several races in which he had failed to get to the finish line.

However, he didn't leave Formula One altogether. He continued as a commentator for the BBC, where he continued to be very controversial. Despite being known for having a weakness towards women and being a party animal (even after death), he also was a loving father of two children and a devoted owner of a German Shepherd named Oscar.

The Stories

James Hunt's Best Friend

In the later years, Hunt was devoted to a very special partner.


James Hunt was a rockstar through and through, he was great in a car, and he was a superstar out of it. He was a ladies man, but also a family man and not only that: he had a dog that went with him almost everywhere and had special privileges that few people around him had.

The beloved dog's name was Oscar, and he was a German Shepherd. He was Hunt's companion in his runs by the sea at his house in Marbella, Spain, where they also played fetch while enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol. While they stayed there, Hunt would pay all of the expenses of Oscar's veterinarian, so he could stay at the villa and check his cherished pet.

According to John Richardson, James' relationship with his canine partner "seemed far closer than any human relationship he ever had. He was completely devoted to that dog."

The hound also accompanied the British driver to dine in the fancy restaurants at London's west end. At one time, he caught the attention of quite a few people when he shared a menu of spinach soufflé, entrecôte de veau and cassis sorbet with his master at Langan's Brassérie (a high society café in Mayfair).

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Oh my! Isn't she a beauty? Let's talk about James Hunt's F1™ cars.

James Hunt drove quite a few gorgeous machines in his career.

Mr. Hunt is known for lots of things, one of the most popular is the success he had with women, but this article is not about the beauties he got to know in his personal life, but the conquests he got inside the racetracks. He drove quite a few gorgeous machines, the kind that a lot of us mere mortals can only dream of trying.

So, James Hunt struggled to find work when he was a young pilot, because of a reputation that he built for himself as a constant car crasher, that even got him his nickname 'Hunt the Shunt'. In some point between 1972 and 1973, for the luck of him and that of Lord Alexander Fermor-Hesketh (who had recently decided to create a racing team), they met.

In the beginning, they bought a Surtees TS9 Formula One car for non-championship events, such as the Race of Champions, in which the British driver finished third. After that, they bought a March 731 and signed a designer from the brand to modify it for Hesketh Racing. Hunt debuted in the harshest place there is in the Formula 1 world: Monaco. He impressed running in sixth place, but he did not finish the race due to an engine failure.

Two races later, he was claiming a fourth place at his home GP at Silverstone and on the next Grand Prix, he claimed his first podium when he arrived third in the Netherlands. The team withdrew from the Championship after that race but would come back next year with a car of their own making: the Hesketh 308.

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James Hunt vs Niki Lauda: a rivalry for the ages

Hunt and Lauda were friends off the track, but in it, they maintained an intense, but clean and disputed rivalry.


Formula 1 has had some great rivalries throughout its 69-year history.  We remember fondly the battles held between Michael Schumacher and Mika Häkkinen, the legendary Senna vs Prost or more recently, Lewis Hamilton against Nico Rosberg; but one of the oldest ones is the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

This rivalry had its highest momentum in 1976 the season in which only one point defined the World Championship between the two extremely different titans of the sport. Niki Lauda was known for being very calculatingly-precise and technical both on and off the track; he liked to improve his cars personally and always tried to be at his best to drive.

James Hunt was quite the opposite. He was always partying, drinking and smoking, living his life to the limit every day because he knew he was risking his life every time he drove in a racetrack and therefore, he lived like every day was his last. But at the wheel, he was also very precise but took a lot more risks than Niki ever did (therefore the nickname "Hunt the Shunt"). Both were very talented drivers and had a great rivalry that was always fair and contested.

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