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30.08.2020Remembering Dad

Remembering Dad

An interview with James Hunt´s son. In July 2020 we met Freddie Hunt to ask him some questions about his father, himself and the James Hunt collection. It is a rare glimpse into the life of James Hunt no one would know better than his son in person. A must for real JH fans!


Ready for Autumn!


Dear James Hunt Fans and Supporter,

do you recognize how it gets slightly cooler? The days seems to become shorter since the past days as it gets darker way more early than some weeks ago: Autumn is on its way!

Therefore, we prepared a cozy selection of James Hunt pieces for you, perfect for the more colder days in autumn.

As an cool ensemble we chose to present you again the James Hunt Silverstone Hoodie in combination with the matching cap and helmet pin or lanyard. 

Have a look on the products here tagged to the right and even more you can find in the shop as well. We are sure: You will definitely find something for a stylish expansion of your closet!


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